Ögurhólmi, kayaking

We set off from the beach in Ögur, row pass Æðarsker and there to Ögurhólmar. There we row alongside Landhólmi where tales are told from the Killing of the Spaniards. Bullufrankagjá is pointed out which is named by one of the castaways who made it ashore but was slayed as soon as he reached land.


We row between Landhólmi and Djúphólmi into a ravine in Djúphólmi where the surge moves the kayaks up and down. We go ashore where we learn about eiderdown picking and see where sheep were kept in the islet.


It is possible to depart from another beach if winds are favorable from the west. Then we can row sheltered by the Landhólmar and enjoy calm weather east of them. In these cases we transfer the kayaks in a special vehicle into that beach.


Duration aprox. 3 hours. Price: 12.500 ISK per person.

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