Goals and vision

ÖgurTravel was established in March of 2011 by seven siblings of Ögur and their mother who lives in Ögur. The foundation of the company can be traced back to meeting when the brothers and sisters met in 2003 to shape a policy of tourism in Ögur. With occasional assistance the siblings will be in charge of all guiding in Ögur this summer. Since all of them where raised in Ögur they know the geography and history of the area by heart.


ÖgurTravel aspires to communicate to visitors the unique history of the region and as such to create a new vision of an area which is most often enjoyed by people from within a car at  90 km/h. (We want to increase the visitors possibilites to enjoy as opposed to rushing through to the next destination. We want to make the invisible visible by focusing on distinct areas without any haste. This ideology is known throughout the world as Slow Travel.


History is at every footstep in Ögur. Ari, the sheriff of Ögur, ran a brigade of men in the Spanish Killings. A tragic tale which is told as a part of the historic scene of Ögur and surroundings. Another well known saga, Fóstbræðrasaga - and consequently the ironic novel of Gerpla by Nobel price winner Laxness - takes partly place in Ögur.  In addition you have tales of the many people who inhabited Ögur for centuries although not much remains to show for the thriving community there once was in Ögur.

Ögur ehf. • Ögri Ísafjarðardjúpi • Netfang: ogur@ogurtravel.com • Sími: 857-1840