Important part of enjoying your trip in full, is to have the right equipment. For the prearranged trips you mainly need warm clothes and a drinking bottle. Provisions can be provided if you ask for it in advance through E-mail or phone.
We provide tents and cooking equipment for longer tours. You can of course bring your own tent if you like. When you pack keep in mind that storage space of one kayak is limited. The same applies for your backpack in hiking tours.

Prearranged trips
Thermal underwear, at least for kayaking
Hiking pants.
Hiking boots are best but for short walk you can use sports shoes or boots
Backpack for your water and small things. Keep it light. If you travel in a group with others you can decide who are going to carry the backpack. It is not necessary that everyone carries a bag
Sun glasses
Binoculars if you have one
Personal medical kit to include personal medication. Don't forget regular medication you may need
1 litre water bottle
Camera if you have one

For longer tours
Thermal underwear
Hiking pants.
Hiking boots
Sleeping bag. Down bags are lighter and compress better than synthetic. You should choose sleeping bag that is comfortable and suits your needs
Sleeping mattress
Wool/fleece hat/cap
Two pairs of gloves
3 to 4 pairs thick wool/synthetic socks
Wool or fleece thermal mid layer
Warm clothes to wear ashore
Personal medical kit to include personal medication and i.e. band aids, throat lozenges, lip salves, sea-sickness tablets etc. Don't forget regular medication you may need (e.g. Asthma, bring your inhaler, even if you do not always need it)
Binoculars if you have one
Water bottle, normally we can fill your bottle almost everywhere
Camera if you have one

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