Kayak and hiking trips

The shorter trips of ÖgurTravel include Ögurvík and its surroundings. On the longer tours we go as far as Jökulfirðir north of Ísafjarðardjúp and even further north in some cases. The duration of our tailored tours is up to our customers.


Our goal is to introduce the traveller to the history of our region. To do so we emphasize quality in our guiding where we take time to enjoy the beautiful nature of the Westfjords as well as its unique history.


We offer five prearranged hiking trips and five prearranged kayking trips. Some of the trips are quite short and as such they are suitable for most people. Longer kayaking and hiking trips are also available as you can see on the website. You can book for all prearranged tours on the website og send E-mail or phone.

We also offer the possibility of longer tours, up to two weeks. Those tours are tailored in cooperation with the travellers.


If we have few guests in the daytrips on kayaks or hiking we combine trips.


All our rips are organized in such a way that most people should be able to enjoy them,  regardless of their physical shape. We teach the basic skills on a kayak if necessary and if  there are many beginners in a group, the number of people in each group will be limited.


The kayaking trips are for 8 persons or fewer if beginners are in the group.


We estimate the duration of each trip based on our experience but the preperation time may vary, especially in kayaking. We ask participants to come half an hour before scheduled departure. Trips may last longer than we estimate or less in some case. On occasion a trip may have to be shortened or even cancelled due to unfavorable weather conditions. Our Terms and conditions apply in those cases.


If your prearranged trip is not scheduled that day you would like to go then you can choose scheduled prearranged trip that day. Or you can send us E-mail og give us a call and check if we at ÖgurTravel can schedule that prearranged trip you would most like.


15 years old or younger can enjoy all our hiking trips free of charge, that is not the case in kayaking trips.


We greet you in Ögur as in most cases you drive by your self to Ögur. But we can assist you getting there if you ask for it.
There is a bus from Stjörnubílar between Ísafjörður and Ögur three times pr. week. From Ísafjörður on Sundays at 13:00 back from Ögur 17:30. From Ísafjörður on Tuesdays and Fridays at 12:00 back from Ögur 16:30. You can stay in Ögur for more than 3 hours and enjoy one of our hiking or kayaking trips.

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